Coil Selection

Let us select the coil that’s just right for your application…

Not all heat transfer coil selection software is created equal.  We scoured the industry to find a heat transfer software partner that could bring simple and elegant functionality, the latest content and ease of use to our engineering and design teams.  Customized specifically for Madok, UNILAB COILS is the advanced tool for the calculation of heat transfer coils for air conditioning, industrial refrigeration, fan-coils, chillers, precision cooling and makeup air units. Calculation results are validated by decades of experience, customer feedback, laboratory results and a reliable fluid library containing more than 1000 fluids and refrigerants.  This coil selection system is designed from top to bottom to ensure AHRI program compliance.


Want to select for yourself?  We have a tool for that too…

For those select Madok customers who have their own design and engineering capabilities, we have created a state-of-the art Coil Selection software tool that integrates seamlessly with Madok’s design and production capabilities.   Madok is proud to present mCOILS, our new selection software tool designed for the sizing, rating and selection of heat transfer coils manufactured by our Company. 

mCoils Selection Software:
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Madok’s coil selection technology tools are powered by Unilab, the leading software company with 30 years of experience and more than 300 customers worldwide that empower HVAC-R manufacturers with cutting-edge technology for the calculation, development, selection and production of innovative products.